OldGoat staff application.

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OldGoat staff application.

Post by OldGoat on Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:41 pm

In Game Name: Rucka/OldGoat
What is the name you go by ingame?

Just post your main key

Reason To be Staff: Enforce the rules. Administrate the game.
Post your reasons why you're up for the job.

Contributions: *Contributes shell server*,
What have, or will, you contribute to the game? Post them.

Past Experiences: Shinobi of Legend, Icon Ultima, Bleach Las Noches, Naruto Shinobi Warriors. Plus a shit ton more, these the only ones I'm proud of though.
If you have any experience in being an administrator, post them.

References: Trump supporters.
Those who can vouch for you in game.

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